Getting someone to buy your product is a lot like trying to get someone to have sex with you:

  • A very small % of people will buy the moment they see what you have.  However, it’s difficult to turn these people into long-term repeat business and generally won’t stick around long enough to buy your up-sells.
  • Most people want to know they can trust you first, and usually prefer to build some kind of relationship to be certain you’re not going to give them something they don’t want and won’t be able to get rid of.
  • Some people require a little more time than others to determine how trustworthy you are.  You have to determine for yourself how much effort you’re willing to put in before deciding to move on to other potential buyers.
  • The more clearly you understand exactly what your potential buyer perceives as valuable, the easier it is to increase your closing/sales percentage rate.  These can be areas such as a smooth and well-delivered message, nice-looking packaging, or even including supplemental goods or “bonus items” in the deal …typically, more expensive bonuses are better.
  • While good quality merchandise is always in demand, the greatest products in the world will never sell themselves without effective marketing.
  • If you don’t get your message out there or you have the wrong message to the wrong target audience, nobody is going to buy from you regardless of how great your product is.
  • If you treat your buyers poorly, they will quickly leave you for your competition.
  • Branding is overrated -positioning techniques are better.  It’s great when everybody knows who you are, but if your message doesn’t effectively position you as the better choice among your competition, it will be difficult to close deals.  Also, your potential customer may try your competitor’s product along with yours because they’re not sure which is better …and may later ask for a refund.
  • It’s ALWAYS better to position yourself so you have potential buyers chasing after you instead of you chasing them.
  • Some people will simply never buy from you.
  • In the end you will find there are some buyers you will be glad have decided to stop buying from you.  Unfortunately, in some cases you may have to refuse to do any further business with them.

Mike Lewitz is an innovative marketer who truly ‘gets’ the mental and emotional buying process of consumers. He’s shown thousands of global business owners proven, cutting-edge marketing methods that bring abundant results.  Mike is formerly a Google Certified Advertising Professional and holds two Bachelor’s degrees (business & marketing) and an M.B.A. in Management.

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