I’m not a strong closer -of the people who reach the end of my ‘funnel’ I’ll consistently close around 15% to 18% working part time using the exact same techniques for years that I now teach and earn about 2 to 4 times what most people earn.

Yet, what’s still so amazing is the people who go all the way through my marketing campaign to the end and still tell me they don’t believe it’s a system that could work.

Truly, absolutely amazing.

It’s as crazy as telling Eben Pagan or Frank Kern that giving away free videos won’t make them any money.  Seriously.  People are too focused on the trees they can’t see there’s a forrest all around them.


Mike Lewitz is an innovative marketer who truly ‘gets’ the mental and emotional buying process of consumers. He’s shown thousands of global business owners proven, cutting-edge marketing methods that bring abundant results.  Mike is formerly a Google Certified Advertising Professional and holds two Bachelor’s degrees (business & marketing) and an M.B.A. in Management.

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