Progress cannot be made without asking the question: “What if?”  Scientists and engineers must ask this all the time.  Our precious cell phones, multi-core high-speed computers, even the Internet would not exist without somebody, somewhere asking the all-powerful question of “What if?”

Well, what if… we eliminated the whole idea of money?

What if some magical force came over the entire world -like Santa and his 8 tiny reindeer- that suddenly compelled every human being on Earth to wake up on a particular morning and decide that they were going to go about their normal, everyday lives …changing absolutely nothing about their routine, except they had no need or desire for money?  What if people worked only for the genuine reason of trying to better the life of other people?

Really.  What would happen?  What could happen?

Consider: Money is simply an exchange of value -for money itself, merely paper or coins with artistic drawings (or numbers in a computer), has no intrinsic value.

But, what if everyone decided to do what they do just for the sake of doing it? (There’s that ‘What if’ question again)

So, a painter who loves to paint houses would just keep painting houses.  A car mechanic who loves working on cars would simply continue working on cars.  And, because each of these people would no longer have any monetary overhead, they wouldn’t be motivated to work or not work based on the amount of money they’d receive for their work.  In other words, no mechanic would turn down a job because “the pay is too little.”  They would accept the job based on the work needed.

Homes would still be built because of the people who love building homes.  There would still be electricity and running water because there are people who enjoy this technically challenging work.  Yes, there are even people who take pride in cleaning toilets.

Do not misunderstand, this is not an altered system of barter, rather a system of doing merely for the sake of the enjoyment of doing.  Bartering still involves the thought process of: “I have to give to get, and I won’t get unless I give.”  It’s oriented in self.

The difference is only the source of the motive: towards self vs. towards others.  Nothing else is changed.

The judgement on work would not be connected to price anymore.  Things might be based on quality or value.  Instead of businesses cutting corners to lower expenses, businesses might strive for highest quality or value, as quality would elevate to a different level of “currency.”  (Quality and value are already a form of currency, but constrained by money.)  No Space Shuttle would blow up due to parts made by “the lowest bidder.”


However, as fanatically noble, Utopian and naive as this probably sounds to many (yes, a lot of people will probably tell me to put down the crack pipe), it might  not be as absurd as it initially appears when examined closer (except for the Santa part).

There are two major shifts that have now completely re-defined the very nature of business: One is the continued evolution of something known as the ‘Knowledge Worker’ (coined by Peter Drucker) and the other is the principle of ‘moving the free line.’

Simplistically, the Knowledge Worker concept says high value is exchanged through ideas, not physical objects.  People with powerful, innovative ideas are desirable and preferred.

‘Moving the free line’ is the concept that those businesses who freely give away the most highly valuable information will be most sought after.  Look no further than the vast social networks that now exist on the Internet and the incredible value exchanged within them …all for the mere cost of an Internet connection (which can even be had for free, now).

For years, our real value in people is how they benefit others, usually gauged by their job or work, and not by the money they earn.  We do not ask people how much money they earn …and not because it’s socially unacceptable.  We ask what they do for a living.  Their income is no value to us.  I would argue that asking how much money someone earns has become socially unacceptable because we intuitively know there is no value there.

Compare someone who’s won the lottery and currently does nothing, enjoying their payouts -they offer no value to anyone (which is the reason why “A fool and his money are soon parted”) with someone who volunteers for the Peace Corps.  If someone happens to be in the market for a home, for example, and a person says they’re a real estate agent or a mortgage broker, usually they begin to think about how that person may be able to benefit their life in this area of need.  People will never stop having needs.


Is it possible to imagine a world where those with self-esteem issues can be helped and elevated to become highly functioning components of a society that thrives on thoughtful innovation and contribution?  Is it possible to imagine a world where we can explore other planets because we’re not limited by monetary budgets?  Is it possible to image a world where anyone who wants to become a great doctor can?

Is it possible to imagine a world where the motivation to perform is intrinsic instead of extrinsic, ie: the desire to serve others, as opposed to the desire to serve ourselves?

Among the interconnected Spiritual Laws, the Law of Reciprocity states that whatever someone does will be returned back to them.  Thus, if one wants success, they must first help another become successful.  This is not a superficial phrase created by a pretentious religious leader looking to increase donations to their church.

Endless, tangible proof exists of this immutable truth.


Personally, I have studied many highly successful people.  What separates highly successful people from everyone else, with rare exception, is these people are genuine givers.  Thus, because of their mindset, their thinking process is always, “How can I figure out how to create something that’s highly valuable and will genuinely benefit the lives of others?”  …as opposed to always thinking about “How can I benefit myself and if I’m able then I’ll try to benefit others, too.”  Can you see a distinct difference?

Guy Kawasaki talks about “making meaning, not money” and to create “peace of mind,” as that is what all people seek.  Eben Pagan creates endless, valuable, free content that elevates both men and women to become better, stronger people through interpersonal relationships and proven principles of business.  Eben said, “Focusing on working to make money is like focusing on driving your car to get gas.  It’s backwards.”

These men, as well as many like them, are only motivated by doing for others.  It’s no coincidence they are successful by any definition.

Money is simply the enabler to continue doing what we want to be doing anyway …helping others.  So, what if we could eliminate the money part where we could all just be doing what we want to be doing anyway without being distracted with the notion that we’ve got to somehow earn money first so we can continue doing what we want to be doing anyway?


Whether many like it or not, there is a growing evolution of more people awakening spiritually to finding their purpose is in helping others.  Fundamentally, nearly every human being has the desire to help others: at the core level, all humans are motivated by love.  Some may be motivated to help only a few, such as only immediate family and close friends, while others may be motivated to help many.  Nevertheless, the core motivation is the same.

Only the belief of scarcity is what holds people back …a false idea that if we blindly give more to someone else, we will somehow be without or lacking in some way (as if there isn’t enough).  Those who are unaware of spiritual laws have trouble letting go of scarcity beliefs.  Eben Pagan says that one of the secrets to becoming highly successful is to “get used to getting the short end of the stick.”

In our current world of unlimited abundance of all resources, scarcity thoughts are no longer necessary.  When we eliminate scarcity from our thoughts, we transform into new people capable of living in a way we never imagined.

By design, as is the Yin and Yang of everything, there are natural forces towards equilibrium.  Peace cannot exist without war, life cannot exist without death, happiness cannot exist without sadness, and so forth.  We do not (and will not) grow without our struggles.  Naturally, our humanity has evolved us into a society of ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots.’  It’s a natural hierarchical instinct found deep within our DNA that will never disappear out of mere suggestion after thousands of years of evolutionary behavior.


While I certainly don’t pretend to know all the answers or provide a viable solution to economic problems that have plagued mankind and these “What if’s” likely raise more questions than answers, one thing is absolutely certain: We do exist in a Universe with an unlimited abundance of all resources, ideas and space, and those who believe otherwise just need to be educated.  Those who manifest a life of scarcity have to be woken up.

Certainly, many efforts exist to perpetuate the notion of scarcity: it’s highly profitable.  One of the most powerful techniques of marketing that entices people to buy is the creation of scarcity.

Yes, there is a direct link between scarcity and money.  Even careful study of the banking system reveals an elaborate hoax built solely on the intent of perpetuation of scarcity and illusion: every dollar possessed by anyone is a debt owed to someone that can never be repaid.

Yet, the mere notion that there are not enough resources just because of a belief of “lack of money” is profoundly more absurd and naive than any fanatically noble Utopia.  “There’s not enough” is an all too common phrase spoken and believed throughout the World.

One way or another, this must change and, regardless of the solution, I choose to be a part of that change.


Scarcity is a myth, a lie.  If each of us do not eliminate scarcity from our thoughts, it will enslave us and those around us into a world of fear and the belief that we are constrained by some invisible, external force, preventing us from helping ourselves as well as others.

So, what if we just eliminate scarcity instead?

What if, indeed.


Mike Lewitz is an innovative marketer who truly ‘gets’ the mental and emotional buying process of consumers. He’s shown thousands of global business owners proven, cutting-edge marketing methods that bring abundant results.  Mike is formerly a Google Certified Advertising Professional and holds two Bachelor’s degrees (business & marketing) and an M.B.A. in Management.

You may freely distribute, copy & share this article with acknowledgment/referring link.

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22 Responses to “A Crazy Idea: Eliminate Money?”
  1. Mike Lewitz says:

    Hi Emiyage,
    I am very familiar with the Venus Project. A friend recently spent some personal time with Jacque Fresco. While I don’t necessarily agree with every aspect of his vision, he is certainly thinking in a direction that is much more sustainable than the authoritarian eugenicist criminals who run our current societal models.

  2. Wingnut says:

    Hi! Interesting site and topic. One thing I keep seeing is “Money is simply…” and I have to disagree with that. Money is as much a symbol and concept as it is a physical object, and thus, money (and its usage) is far from simple. The ramifications of its existence and the systems its used to build… are as far reaching as starlight.

    Aside from that… I think we will need to look at the USA military’s commune and custodianship supply system, especially in its delineations between luxuries and necessities. (Notice that luxuries are put into repositories like ‘rec services’ for all to share no matter the rank). I think we will also need to study what has been learned about its “one team” policies… ie. To hurt ONE member of TEAM, hurts ALL of TEAM.

    The share’n’care rules in the USA military society… are strict… as far as damaging a team resource. AND, the military also knows that maximum efficiency comes from commonality/standardization (all barracks built the same, all vehicles the same color and often same parts, and all uniforms basically the same). This doesn’t allow much individualism, and many would say that such things are a lack of freedom. (Generally, you can doctor-up a barracks room in a way that is completely removable, as to not damage is re-usability).

    Custodianship is often used because… reuse is important, and all things belong to TEAM, not to individuals. So, members tend to tattle-tale/police abuses of TEAM resources while in the custodianship of members. They also tend to help take care of one another’s custodianships, because… to hurt a team resource…. is to hurt team. Its a hard ‘belief’ and policy in the military communal society.

    SO much to think about. I think economy (money, ownership, price-tagging) elimination WILL eventually happen, and just possibly, it MUST happen. But, its going to be a gruesome trip, I suspect. Thanks for all the great comments, you guys/gals. There’s lots of good thinking going on here.

    Best regards!
    Larry “Wingnut” Wendlandt
    MaStars – Mothers Against Stuff That Ain’t Right
    (anti-capitalism-ists) (anti-economy usage)
    Bessemer MI USA

  3. emi says:

    Check out the Venus Project. A man by the name of Jacque Fresco has been talking about this subject for a long time.

  4. itrustinandromeda says:

    every monetary system ever has collapsed and shit hits the fan hard we do this over and over a monetary system enslaves us. we are not free. we are the only planet that still has a monetary system and its not up for debate we all know of the Andromeda humanoids help. and we allsp know the 54 security clearances above the president. so who cares who that puppet is. i dont remember voting about drilling oil from oir oceans. infact i remember an enguin run on hydrogen and never hearing about it again. do you guys remember the box ghat runs electricity free for one home. these ppl high up get into these corporations by our allowance of a monetary system. money =human interest is last.


    what about the FDA. everyone knows of the machine made to destroy cancer cells by vibrational frequencys. its gone now and the inventor is dead. who is getting profit from cancer charity donations of millions and billions, the same people.

    you can thank our monetary system.

  5. itrustinandromeda says:

    as long as there is a monetary system OF ANY KIND. we will never be free. no matter what one tiny group of people will have all the money and weasel into every big corporations, and spots high up in authority to control the masses. money=debt. how many monetary systems do we have to have until we wake ip and stand together against this, and take back our rights! “why should we have to pay to live on a planet we were born on”. are you comfortable walking around on your knees?

  6. Mike Lewitz says:

    Thank you for your comment, Shawn.

    Since I wrote this post, my thinking has certainly expanded…as well as my understanding of money, the money supply and the entire money & financial system. While the core message (it’s about scarcity in the Human mind) is the same, I wished I would have written it different. Many people get the wrong impression about what I’ve written. I’m trying to wake people up.

    Money is simply an exchange of value. It’s kind of like when you go to the car wash and exchange your money for tokens. The problem with the economy is, our current money system is controlled by some extremely evil people. If people truly understood how the financial system works, they’d be rioting in the streets. Our current financial system is the biggest ponzi scheme in the history of man.

    Everything we’re seeing, economically, has been planned. We have corrupt, criminal bankers controlling the financial system and the flow of money for their own greed. Money, or the lack thereof, will never change this in Humans.

    However, because we live in a constant state of scarcity (which these ‘elite’ have programmed into us, to be sure), we believe we cannot do anything without money. We are helpless.

    People walk around aimlessly waiting to be told what to do, where to go, and how to think.


    Just because you’re not getting paid doesn’t mean you suddenly can’t drive a druck, or build something, or solve some else’s problems, or write an incredible book, or …I could write a list a mile long.

    I see homeless people…they’re just wandering. Hell, if I had that kind of time, I’d at least be sitting in a library studying something new or trying to figure out how to help somebody with some problem.

    Why? Because I THINK different. That’s all.

    …but these people just ‘wander.’

    Money didn’t CAUSE this problem or MAKE them homeless. It’s their THINKING that’s messed up…and it was the thinking of some people who believe there is not enough to go around that planted the sense of lack into their minds (which is another conversation I won’t go into).

    Money is not evil. Money is just paper (and worthless paper at that!).
    The ingrained belief of LACK is evil.

    This is the reason why people kill and steal…because they BELIEVE they don’t have enough.

    Change people’s thinking to believe that we live in a Universe filled with ABUNDANCE and we shall truly have peace.

    Learn to think different.

    And, as far as ‘fixing’ the economy problem, simply “getting rid of money” won’t solve anything. Heck, there are a bunch of people without it already. How come their lives aren’t suddenly better? What, are they just gonna sit on their hands and do nothing until…when?

    For those who believe ‘eliminating money’ will make everything all rosy and perfect so we can distribute all the wealth equally (fascism idealized), there’s nothing stopping anyone from living this way. You’re taking the human nature out of the equation. This is always promoted by the people who have little to nothing and are not interested in creating any value for anyone. They’re selfish. Like the homeless people who wander aimlessly, they’re only interested in themselves…completely unaware that their situation would instantly and drastically change the moment they start doing for others (a concept I’ve taught to many, many of my students: focus on the needs of others and you’ll live a life of endless abundance. Focus only on yourself and you’ll end up with nothing).

    The control of the money supply needs to be given back to the U.S. Federal Government and taken out of the hands of the 12 private families who are siphoning all the world’s wealth and run the private organization we buy our money from (called the Federal Reserve).

    “It is well that the people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”
    — Henry Ford

    “History records that the money changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit, and violent means possible to maintain their control over governments by controlling money and it’s issuance.”
    — James Madison

    “From now on, depressions will be scientifically created.”
    — Congressman Charles A. Lindbergh Sr. , 1913

    “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes it’s laws.”
    — Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild

  7. Shawn says:

    Wow i came across this article on my original question of how to get rid of evil and found out all these wars and stuff are rooted from money lol- which brings me to here.
    If we didn’t have to worry about money anymore that would free up everyone’s time/minds and maybe we could start to advance faster as a human race without war.
    I’m sorry to say this but the way i see it now is that money is the number one thing that separates us all just before religion.
    Its nice to see there are some other proper visionaries out there 😉
    Great blog here Mike-I’m going to share this link everyone!

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  9. Mike Lewitz says:

    Hi Jerome. Thank you for your comments. I have to remark that it is truly amazing how much we learn through the eyes of others.
    A couple fundamentals that we must recognize…

    First, the idea of ‘lack’ or ‘limitations’ of any kind is something that is only created in the human mind. A tree does not say, “Well, I won’t be able to grow as big and strong as that tree over there because there are more minerals and water than over here.” Even though it may be a true, physical fact, the tree (and, thus, the Universe) are not aware of ‘not enough.’ Somehow, Nature, in her infinite wisdom, creates enough food for all creatures …even with enough to waste.

    Your example of the rare orchid is flawed because it is a Human-derived desire founded in lack. In 1935, exactly how many people were worried about not having a 2Ghz laptop computer to do their schoolwork? Well, they didn’t exist …and Humanity has been around for centuries without them. Only now do we fear their lack of availability to everyone who wants one …while expressing our concern for extensive environmental contamination from so much ‘computer junk’ in the same breath.
    To illustrate the ‘orchid’ flaw more clearly… what is the source of the desire for the rare orchid? Greed? Selfishness? Beauty? Peace? Balance? There is more than enough for every Human to live a rich and abundant life -full of plenty of food, shiny material objects for aesthetic beauty, technology, vast, endless knowledge, and even resources to accomplish any task that contributes to furthering an abundant life for everyone. While, yes, there may not be enough Ferrari’s to go around for anyone who wants one, the reason just might be that it is because the Ferrari is ultimately a poor choice of a material object. I’ve known a few people who have owned one …and they all got rid of them. While I could write a book on this area and possibly still not be 100% clear, I suggest you read the book SPENT: Sex, Evolution, and Consumer Behavior by Geoffrey Miller to better understand why such materialistic objects would never be desired in a society that is based in an abundant thought (instead of a scarcity-based thought).

    Second, the idea of money came around because it made it a LOT easier to exchange value with each other. Instead of saying, “Okay, Dave, you built an addition to my house. So, now, I’ve got to give you 3 goats, 3 quarts of milk every week for 6 months, a cow, and …” Money just made it easier to do these things.

    We still need to exchange value with each other. I still need electricity for the air conditioning in my house (it’s over 130*F in the direct sun in Phoenix today), running water to bathe myself and to clean the sheets on my bed, tires for my car to go to the store to buy food, etc, etc.

    ALL these things are valuable to me, and if other people do not handle them for me, I must somehow figure out how to do them all myself. And, while I can, does it really make sense to learn how to garden, dig a well, make electricity, etc? Think about it. Some people LOVE to build houses. Some people LOVE to plant. Some people LOVE to sew. Some people LOVE the challenge of how to purify water and lay pipes and run electrical cable (chemists, plumbers, electricians), etc, etc. But, nobody is going to do anything for me unless I do something of equal value for them as well -and rightfully so. That’s the Spiritual Law of Reciprocity. We all must contribute to the perpetuation of the species.

    So, I have some choices:
    A.) I can do ‘everything’ myself. (Dig my own well, grow a garden, build my own home, etc.) Some people choose to do this, and that’s okay. It’s a terribly inefficient method if you want to positively impact the lives of a lot of people, and I adamantly believe that is not God’s goal in having us all here, but it can be done.
    B.) I can ‘barter’ with those who specialize and enjoy specific work and have become very good at what they do. Not much different than today, except the method of tracking the exchange of value between everyone will become quite a nightmare and someone’s probably going to get upset somewhere because they’ll most likely get short-changed.
    C.) I can use a method of value exchange ‘units’ that can be exchanged for other types of value. For example, I could fix a person’s car and they can say, “Mike, that was worth 1,000 units (or whatever we agree on).” Then, I will take that 1,000 units and use, say, 200 units and give them to the power company and exchange them for enough electricity for one month. Today, in the United States, we call this unit a ‘dollar.’

    Here’s the problem that MOST people not only fail to recognize, but won’t accept that their thinking is flawed: Most people think that the money is the value itself, so they exist in their lives seeking ways to get more money. They are unable to see that their whole lives exist to try to get money. They’re working to get something of zero value. Everyone’s been brainwashed. Truly.

    The people who have wealth are not wealthy because they figured out a way to GET a lot of money …as the scarcity-minded masses believe.
    See, the wealthy people figured out how to apply the golden rule of: Give and receive. Note: ‘Give’ come’s first. It’s not interchangeable.

    Now, if you say to yourself, “Well, I’m a giver. I give a LOT!” Really? What would happen if your boss at your job said to you tomorrow, “We need you to work, but we’re not sure if we can pay you.” Without a second thought, most would say, “See ya! You don’t pay me, I’m not working.” People believe they’re entitled to their paycheck. They got it backwards.

    In studying a lot of wealthy people and even befriending a few, I’ve discovered that the wealthy figured out how to give away a TON of value -even MORE than they asked for in return. Well, then the Spiritual Law of Reciprocity (it’s an unbreakable Law! in God’s eyes, as He created this law) kicks in. Give and receive. What goes around comes around. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. We *MUST* give to receive. But don’t give dirt -it has no value. We must give things others find of value.

    So, what happens if you go around and give a TON of value to THOUSANDS of people? The Spiritual Law is already in place, and when you follow the rules the Law begins to apply.

    But, nobody is focused on giving. They’re focused on themselves and what they’re gonna get and getting money. As a marketer I know that the ONLY way to get you to buy from me is to frame my offer into you getting something. And people are trying to get money …something of zero inherent value.

    The only way to solve the problem is to help people think differently. Not take away or eliminate money, but to help people to stop believing that money is something to gain or that money is something of value …and figure out how to create more value of others. If millions of people want rare orchids, then genetic engineers or biologists would figure out a way so that everyone could have one. Genetic engineers figured out how to create bacteria that create endless amounts of crude petroleum …because, unlike your rare orchid example, everyone REALLY wants petroleum and there REALLY IS a limited supply within the Earth -and people with abundant thoughts decided to figure out a way- instead of just accepting the absurd human belief of limits and ‘there’s not enough’ …and they did. The possibilities are endless. Our value exchange system promotes this abundance.

    There was a time when people had no electricity. It was created out of abundance.
    There was a time when a 1 Gigahertz computer chip was unimaginable. Today, you can buy a 6-core chip where each core is over 4 TIMES that speed and many times more efficient in every way!
    Limitations only exist in the mind.
    There was a time when flying was unimaginable. Today we complain about having to pay extra for our luggage to fly with us.
    There was a time when famine was common place in structured societies because there wasn’t enough food. Today, in 1st world countries, overeating has risen to a level that it’s a health-crisis.
    Endless abundance of anything and everything is all around us. Just because we can’t see it or don’t know how to achieve it doesn’t mean it isn’t possible. We must begin to train our mind to see the abundance everywhere.

    Today, there are more financial opportunities now than have ever existed in the history of mankind …if we CHOOSE to see them. Yet, sadly, masses of people are unemployed or working jobs they hate asking, “How can I get more money?” Unless we help them, they will never find their purpose and provide any real value to others. They’ll continue to be someone else’s slave.

    Only the people who believe money has value are the ones who think money should be eliminated: scarcity-minded people.

    Want PROOF money has zero value?

    I know, let’s eliminate electricity! Or, how about clean, running water? Better yet, let’s eliminate transportation systems across the globe! Or, let’s mow down every farm field across the globe and pour crude oil on them.

    Why would these acts be bad? Because these are things of GENUINE VALUE -things people want. Money has ZERO VALUE.
    If you lack money, it’s because your focus in life is on money and acquiring money.

    Any spiritual leader worth his or her salts will tell you that you manifest everything in your life that you focus on. Are you focusing on manifesting money? You’re focusing on zero value …and that’s what you’re receiving.

    Focus on creating as much value for others as possible.

    Honestly, I’m having difficultly seeing why so many aren’t able to make the connection here.
    Maybe it’s lack of accountability. I realize most don’t want to wake up and say, “Oh, yeah, I guess I am ignorant.” It’s a hard pill to swallow (it was for me!). The human mind is not interested in truth, it’s only interested in being right. Look no further than the BP oil spill to see how quickly people are willing to be accountable to their actions …or lack of actions.
    Maybe it’s the victim mentality. It’s so much easier to say, “Well, I’m just a victim to these outside, external forces and I have no control over my life.” Technically, this one is linked to accountability.

    How many people have chosen to educate themselves on how the banking system REALLY works? Heck, most people IN the banking system don’t even know how it works. YET… if the majority of the people TRULY knew how the banking system works …how it ‘supposedly’ loans (fake) money that doesn’t actually exist and then takes people’s assets for giving them literally NOTHING if they are unable to pay… people would be rioting in the streets. You deposit $1,000 into the bank. They lend out $10,000+ in loans …with interest. They get their loans paid back, you withdraw your $1,000, and they have $10,000 in net profit (plus interest). They made $10K by loaning NOTHING, but will gladly take your (house, car, boat, etc) if you don’t pay …and you believe they gave you actual money. They simply wrote an IOU on the books and you signed a contract to pay or give up your asset …they provided nothing!

    I’ve said this before, but people still choose to be ignorant and naive.

    Money is kind of like sugar. If you take it away, they’ll just want it more. So, the ‘sugar farmers’ are providing more and more to those who are addicted to it. Same with money. The more money people want, the more that will be printed. Take it away and there will be huge problems -it won’t solve anything. The only solution is to change people’s thinking about money. Money is a tool used to create value for others. When we can solidify that idea into people’s heads, most of the problems of mankind will end (…most).

  10. Jerome says:

    I read all of your posts and the guest replies, and perhaps I need to re-read it all, because there is one fundamental ‘flaw’ in it that I have not resolved. I can agree with it all, as to Changing The World and Mind-Set of All of Humanity, to “Do Unto Others…”, as you would have others do unto yourself! All fine and good! (There are probably other issues here also that I am not addressing!)
    But for now, I want to focus on your ‘concept’ that there is ‘abundance-for-all’ with regard to everything. And I’m going to make-this-simple, by giving a simple example that might-be-too-simple and unrealistic.
    Let’s take one particular type of orchid. Perhaps millions of people worldwide, would like to have/possess this particular orchid because of its beauty (not even considering its ‘rarity’, and therefore its intrinsic/monetary ‘value’). However, such is an impossibility, because there is but one single orchid, that blooms once-a-year, on a remote mountain-top peak! So it cannot be ‘had’ by everyone!
    In the same manner, almost anything else in the world, has the very ‘limitations’ of its very existence-and-availability! Goods, services, natural or man-made resources… all have their ‘limitations’. Unfortunately, we use money to ‘bid-for’ each and every item. But, “What if…”, there were no money? The reality has not changed. The ‘limitation’ still exists.
    It would be well-and-good to eliminate money, and then perhaps the economic-efficiency-of-society itself would rise, from the current approximately 14%, to closer to 100% efficiency-in-the-utilization of ‘whatever’!
    But there would still be limitations. But eliminating money would definitely be a good first step and I wholeheartedly agree!

  11. Mike Lewitz says:

    Hi Michael,
    Thank you for the link and your comments. They are sincerely valued.

    I found the story interesting and completely understand that this is the type of “communistic utopia” (for lack of a better term?) the “let’s eliminate money” crowd believes will come about. Sadly, they are living in an unaccountable denial. While I could write a novel hitting endless factual, provable points on precisely why the story is heavily flawed and based on ignorance and fairy-tale naivety (not trying to offend, just educate), I’ll just address the central flaw.

    The fundamental problem of the story (and the absurd idea of eliminating money) comes down to this: We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking we used when we created them.

    Yes… *WE* created this problem for ourselves, then claim to be the victims of the problem itself …akin to blaming the cigarette companies because we spent $100/week on cigarettes for 10 years, made them rich and got lung cancer -knowing the whole time it was bad for our health.

    I think people believe I speak from conjecture. Absolutely not true. In fact, quite the opposite.

    Unfortunately, the story is fundamentally flawed: It emphasizes the idea of genuine and intentional servitude of others (which I wholeheartedly support 110% …and practice often…and which we can only do once we discover our purpose) built entirely on a foundation of a scarcity-based construct.
    (I should write an article entire on scarcity -it’s a giant, invisible elephant in everyone’s room.)

    Allow me to illustrate (I’ll do my best to explain this)…
    Money has zero intrinsic value. It only becomes valuable if you exchange it with someone else for something else (an object, service, etc), we all agree. Example: If you allow me to stay at your home and offer me food and a hot shower, even if I don’t pay you a penny and offer you nothing in return other than a sincere thank you, I have still received value …and maybe you receive value by simply feeling good that you helped someone down on their luck, or maybe you enjoy caring for others. Money or not, value must and will always be exchanged with others, for giving value to others is the means of how we grow physically, mentally and spiritually. We are created to grow. If we do not grow, we die. If a tree does not provide value, it does not grow. If it does not grow, it dies. This is the spiritual foundation of all life in every form.

    Those who have little or no money (*vast* majority of people/sheeple) sit around and wait for the “employer” (word in the story) to tell them what to do …complaining about the “rich” and the “noblemen” and how “unfair” life is.

    Those who have money now (most) at some point in their earlier life said, “I’m not going to wait for someone to decide for me and tell me what to do. I’m going to take action on my own and figure out how to make cool things/do great things for others! Get outta my way!” …but no one noticed them when they were broke and, in some cases, even homeless (I know several multi-millionaires who were once homeless and are the most giving, caring people you’ll ever meet). If you knew me 20 years ago, you would have said, “That kid will *never* make anything of himself. He’s a born looser!” …and maybe that gave me the drive. Who knows. Wealth never comes from “work” -it comes from IDEAS.

    Eliminate money and what have you actually done?

    Have you eliminated the value? No.
    Have you eliminated the wants and the desires for objects, services, etc? No.
    Have you eliminated the idea (read: BELIEF) that there’s not enough (land, oil, food, time, oil, help, etc)? No.
    Have you eliminated greed (wanting of something others don’t have)? No.
    Have you actually done anything beyond simply creating another “externally controlled” environment (ie: telling people how they should behave)? No.
    (Remember: A man convinced against his will is of the opinion still.)

    Eliminating money will do nothing to change the thought processes of Man. Yet, the thought processes of man created the financial system problems.
    Eliminate the money, you still have the problem. Eliminate (change) the thought processes (through higher, elevated thinking), you eliminate the whole problem and the money thing is a moot point.

    Actually, no matter how many times I try to illustrate that, nobody gets it yet.
    Maybe the masses of sheeple just still aren’t ready to accept their own level of accountability in this, but I have full faith in the genuine, spiritual truth that I write that there are those who start to grasp that it is our thinking that determines our level of wealth or poverty because it is our thinking that manifests our lives.

    How did *WE* create this upon ourselves? (ie: become “sheeple”)?
    It’s what we allowed into our thoughts and what we accepted into reality.
    Then, we want to claim to be victims of the external problem and not be accountable to our thoughts.

    Yet, those of use who have struggled through a life of poverty and found the huge value in the serving of others recognize that money is just the accounting (score-keeping) system that says, “Ok, you provided X value to others today.” Those who are selfish, only interested in “getting” to serve themselves, do not understand how value works. Don’t be offended, it took me years to understand this. I was selfish and strive every day to rise above my old programming.

    Please allow me to plant this seed into your mind… (and, please water and nurture it, it will sprout a different level of reality for you, I promise!)…
    WHAT IF… we could truly change *EVERYONE’S* thinking …their internal BELIEF system, so that they honestly, truly believed as sure as the Sun will rise tomorrow… I mean absolute ZERO doubt in everyone’s mind…

    …that there were TRULY an *UNLIMITED* and *ENDLESS* supply of:
    – money
    – time
    – resources
    – food
    – oil
    – land
    – clothing (whatever you wanted to wear)
    – clean water

    …I mean if *EVERY* Human on the entire planet actually believed that (uh, because it’s true), how might this change the world?

    Let’s face it -this whole “lack” mentality isn’t exactly working out too well, not to mention that there is nowhere in the entire Universe that does without.
    So, what if we tried it this way for, say, another 3,000 years?

    Isn’t this what every spiritual and religious source teaches us? …the endless abundance the Creator has bestowed upon us?

    I beg, I demand, I plead with you… (everyone who reads this)
    Open you eyes and begin to see and truly believe in the endless abundance in your life and it will appear before you.
    Opportunities are endless!!
    Stop sitting around waiting for the phone to ring with opportunity. Start dialing and provide value to others.

  12. Mike Lewitz says:

    Lauren – nobody is questioning the fact of outsourcing for pennies overseas in poor conditions. Do you actually think about the ramifications of what you’re saying? Eliminating money will not suddenly allow each of them to live in posh surroundings with fresh, sanitary water and drive a Lexus. It will actually make the situation worse. Their environment will not only stay the same, at best, they will have nothing to do -no purpose. Work at least offers people purpose, a hope.

    Don’t misunderstand, I am NOT advocating, vindicating, or trying to legitimize slave labor.

    Do you feel passionate about solving the problem? Go over there yourself and educate these people on how to create value for others and that they don’t have to be a victim of whatever “the Man” tells them to do.

    …unless you’re just an armchair coach…?

    Lots of people are out there TALKING about the problem, but nobody wants to get off their +20-lb OVERWEIGHT ASS after munching down a $1 cheeseburger and actually do anything about it. The one’s with little money say “Let’s eliminate money” because they have nothing to lose. They’d rather just choose to sit around and be victims of the system so they can sit in their $100,000+ climate-controlled homes at their $750+ dual-core PC’s with their $50/mo Internet connection and just blog about the problem on some stranger’s web site and placate themselves.

  13. Lauren Todd says:


  14. Mike Lewitz says:

    Lauren, thank you for your post.
    Actually, yes, I do absolutely and completely understand how the entire economic systems is set up and how it is set up to fail from go. I am not here to support it by any means. You misunderstood all that I have written -yet, I’m here providing an actual, workable, *real* solution that is positively guaranteed to work (but will take some effort) and you will have the full, unbridled support of EVERY thought leader on Earth …and so many want to simply pass it off as “Oh, you just don’t get it, Mike.”

    But, here’s the thing… nobody has ever held a gun to my head to force me to accept money for working or doing anything else. A parent cares for its child with endless, unconditional love. Now, the unevolved might say, “Well, of course! It’s their child.” We are all the children of the ‘Creator’ (whomever or whatever you believe that to be) and all on the equal plane, regardless of your understanding of that plane. The ‘my child’ aspect is simply an emotional attachment to one particular person over another. Read: emotional=irrational (these are *HIGHLY* profitable words to us marketers!!! The system you so eloquently reject is preying on these words -words/actions you have complete control over, if you choose). Remove the emotional component of the ‘my child’ and you have endless, unconditional love for another human being that comes without doing for a “paycheck.” Why is it we cannot love all human beings on this level? Because we do not have an emotional attachment to them?

    Lauren, please tell me: Why must we only do for others and exchange value for others ONLY if we are getting paid? WHO made up this rule? WHO is FORCING us to do this? And, all of a sudden, nobody is able to do anything for other people because they’re “out of a job.” Really?!

    With all the problems in the world and you’re just going to sit on your ASS and wait around and sulk in resentment for another good-paying “job interview” to happen along before you can go out and solve problems for other human beings?

    Please tell me exactly who created these rules? Because, I can tell you that, yes, I must earn money to eat and keep a roof over my head, it doesn’t stop me from doing things for other people.

    And, you know what most amazing about the Laws of the Universe… the Law of Reciprocity says I’ll get it back. Believe me, it comes back! People do for me.

    Lauren, this is victim mentality. LET them outsource our jobs, our work, our money.

    Why do I say this? Because I know that EVERY SINGLE DAY of my life I focus me efforts on figuring out how I can GENUINELY be more valuable to other people …not figure out how I can lighten people wallets or their bank account. I ask myself EVERY DAY: What can I do (or learn to do) that will bring more value into other people’s lives?

    I *ABSOLUTELY* sympathize with your situation …but the economic system and all its sham and drudgery is just a SYMPTOM of the REAL problem: the scarcity mindset of the Human mind. If you’re sick and you have a cough, eliminating the cough doesn’t suddenly make you well. The people who are “elite” aren’t elite because they have more money. They’re “elite” because they THINK DIFFERENT than everyone else. Take away all the money and they’ll still be elite …and they’ll still get people to do things for them while all the people who are sulking because they are broke, claiming they are victims of the system, will still be looking for someone to tell them what to do because they are not willing to WAKE UP, get off their ASS and take any initiative themselves. This is trying to solve the problem with the same level of thinking that created it. Einstein said: “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking we created them.”

    WE created this problem. We allowed the financial system to become what it is because we are shallow and greedy and working FOR MONEY, not working to create value for others.

    Go out and CREATE VALUE FOR OTHERS! Do it TODAY. Go do it NOW. Do it for FREE if you must. Even go out and FAIL until you learn. Failure reaps success. Fail sooner to get successful sooner. I *PROMISE* you, the Spiritual Laws of the Universe will kick in. Wealth (not just “money”) will find you. This is a Universal Law -like gravity.

    I learned this stuff through a very expensive and painful ‘school of hard knocks’ and I’m sharing this with you.

  15. Lauren Todd says:


  16. Mike Lewitz says:

    Thank you for sharing.
    This is an interesting idea, but ill-founded to say the least.

    One of my favorite quotes is by Albert Einstein:
    “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

    Simply saying things are “free” is absurd. This idea comes from a scarcity-based thinking and mindset …the EXACT same kind of thinking that got us into this mess in the first place. It will do nothing to solve our problems because the fundamental human drivers of greed and power are still present. Your idea suggests that you (and everyone else) will somehow have more because a lack of money is what prevents people from possessing ‘whatever’ (food, clean water, a flat-screen T.V.), so eliminating money will magically fix this.

    This suggests we are all just victims of money and some external force (like big corporations, etc). And the vast amount of ‘sheeple’ in the world who maintain this lack-mentality will not have it instantly lifted with the elimination of money.

    The solution is to begin approaching life from an abundant perspective. The idea of “lack” is something that is only created in the human mind. There is no other place in the universe that knows or understands “lack.” Your idea of a ‘moneyless world’ is only derived out of the idea that there are so many people who don’t have it, so eliminating money will solve this problem.

    It positively will not.

    The billions of people who go hungry every day do so because they are not aware that there is a higher standard. I am truly blessed to have been born into a society where I had the opportunity to have clean water and the luxury to complain about having to vacuum the living room every Thursday. These happened because someone gave me a belief system that showed me a level of standards such that I never knew that level of poverty. …and because I never knew that level of poverty, I will never create and manifest it in my life.

    What separates the United States from other countries is that our society is based on the idea that there are endless opportunities out there if you work to grab them. Our Western culture is never taught about the restrictions, so we go out and create and innovate, which is why the United States is the most innovative places on Earth. From day 1 we’re told “you can be anything you want to be.” People who are born in 3rd-world countries are told from day one there is only this choice and the idea to work for more is never planted.

    In 3rd-world societies, they look at their lives and they GENUINELY BELIEVE “this is the way it is and there’s nothing we can do about it” and they live like victims with a victim mentality. In developed cultures we say, “Screw that! I refuse to accept this mediocre situation and I’m gonna do whatever it takes to make it better for me.” Unfortunately, many even in developed societies have this choice and still choose to be a victim.

    The people in Ethiopia get one slice of bread ration per day. When they receive food and medicine and doctors and teachers, they don’t accept it.


    Because in their THINKING …they truly BELIEVE (because they are told) their suffering is “God’s will” and to accept a better life goes against God’s will. While this is very sad, it goes to prove the power of the human mind to create whatever life it believes is real. The REAL solution is to elevate their thinking. They already have free food and medicine. They still go hungry and die of curable diseases. Eliminating money will NEVER solve the problem.

    Elevating the level of beliefs and the belief system of man is what will eliminate these problems. But, too many people accept the belief they are victims of society, big corporations, governments, etc, and look to the symptoms for the change without accepting that they have brought about the situation in their lives based on their beliefs.

    Thousands of people have classic “rags to riches” stories (many from *EXTREME* poverty and homelessness) because they had a belief they could do better …and they ultimately did.

    Ask yourself: What do YOU truly believe about your life and circumstances that hold you back form reaching a higher level? Well all have them.

    The bottom line: we need to evolve people’s THINKING to a MUCH higher level than ever -to help everyone understand that this life is about giving to others without selfish motives …and that if everyone functions under this pretense, there will ALWAYS be more than enough for everyone. There will be more than enough to waste. We won’t have a need for money anymore. Nobody would want it.

    THAT is the solution.

    Simply eliminating money for the sake of control is no solution and this is a strategy that only perpetuates the ultimate problem of so many people who believe their situations of lack are somehow created by money -that they are victims.

    How’s that like your life?

    Money is simply a system of an exchange of value. Those who lack money do so because they are not exchanging value with others. When we learn better ways to bring value into the lives of others, the money easily flows into our lives …because when we provide real, genuine value we get money.

    The world has wrongfully learned to focus on money, as if the money was the value. Money has zero value, so this idea will do nothing to provide any type of solution.

    Yes, there is endless corruption in the world. The banking and money systems are a plague of deception. So, we can simply walk around and allow them to continue to victimize us, or we can figure out how to change our belief system so that we do not need money to exist and we are able to exchange value with others and better their lives such that those levels of corruption can no longer victimize us.

    Imagine living a life where you wake up every day and you live your purpose that genuine benefits others and enhances their life and, because of that, you already know that others will always provide you more than you will ever need. This is the fundamental principles of every spiritual law.

    Learn to give and do genuinely for others with only the purist, selfless motive of benefiting the lives of others and I can **PROMISE** you that you will live a life so full of abundance that you and those around you will never know lack.

    You truly control the direction and wealth of your life, whether you’re doing it consciously or unconsciously.

    Change your thinking, start making better choices, stop choosing to be a victim, and make the decision to control your life. Do it today.

    ~ Mike Lewitz

  17. michael says:


    If you agree that the abolition of money would be a fine solution to most of our problems, and that we could create a much better system where EVERYTHING – food and drink, clothing and housing, water, heating, education, health-care and entertainment – shall be FREE for EVERYONE – why not join the World-Wide Strike on the opening day of the Olympic Games in 2012?

    The Strike will begin the moment the symbolic Olympic flame is lit – the signal for all who support the abolition of money to stop work and demand a new fair world of true freedom and justice.


    Pass it on.

  18. Ningay says:

    I just watched the 2nd Zeitgeist. I’ve been coming to this same conclusion myself, so it was like a big piece of the puzzle got dropped into place. I realize this sounds utopian to most people. I’m pretty radical and I live on the fringes of society so the idea of transcending the monetary system altogether and using technology to set up an infrastructure that supports the basic needs of the planet sounds like a no-brainer to me.
    Those of us who feel strongly about this ought to advocate for it. Personally, I’m always looking for ways to withdraw my energy from the dysfunctional system and reinvest it in new more sustainable ways of living. This is not easy, that’s for sure. Without external structures, forging new ground is tricky.
    Anyone’s input is requested here.
    Thanks, Mike, for writing this article.

  19. Mike Lewitz says:

    Thank you, X (whoever you are :-). GetAltitude was a spectacular event. If a mind once expanded by a new idea never regains its original dimension (per Oliver Wendell Holmes), I’m so glad I’ll never return to my “pre-Altitude” ways of thinking.

    I’m finding it interesting how these extremely wealthy global businessmen commit suicide when their business fails because fundamentally they don’t have anything to offer our new society. Our global society is rebuilding based on true value of products and services and high regard for the consumer. I truly feel sorry of them, but someone mentioned to me recently that those who were not ready to embrace the values that require spiritual laws and genuine intent to benefit others would somehow remove themselves from our society in some way, almost unnoticeable. I wondered how that would happen -then I start seeing these dozens of individual events …and I don’t believe in coincidences anymore.

    Thanks for writing and sharing, X.
    -Mike Lewitz

  20. X says:

    I think we are already going towards a money-free society by using improved technology. Maybe worth noticing is the movie “Zeitgeist II” that shows the corrupt value of money now and the possible future (non-)value of money.

    (P.S. Nice to see read your blog. We met at GetAltitude)

  21. Kim says:

    I have pondered this question for years Mike. What if… and I’m starting to experience a little of the “what if” in my own life – giving up my stream of income to work on projects that ultimately serve others. In doing so, I am still finding that I have what I need and I feel good about what I’m doing. Not many people seem to understand that (or me) but that’s ok. I said on my facebook page the other day if I could spend my days singing for people and get paid forit I’d do it all day, everyday. But the truth is, I’d do it for free. And I do. I volunteer almost every week to sing for people with Alzheimers and other mental illness. I sing for people at my church and for community theater groups… and it brings me the greatest pleasure of all. What if entertainers could be entertainers and bring joy to people without having to make it a commercial event? I saw the Eagles in concert a few weeks ago – $139 a ticket – the place was sold out and they performed for almost 3 hours.. they had so much fun (and they have for so many years…) If they did it for free, how many more people would have experienced that joy? What the world would be like…Utopian polyanna thoughts maybe, butI like to think the world will get there someday.

  22. Joe says:

    Something to Ponder:
    When we look at people’s behavior we note an interesting change in focus. People without money struggle for money to meet the immediate needs of survival – and rightly so. However, once they acquire sufficient money to comfortably provide for thier needs, their focus changes. Often, people no longer value money and materialism as priorities. Instead, the focus changes to Meaning and to Service. The wealthy are often in it for Making a Difference, Making an Impact, Doing what God put them here to do better than no other can do. A great example is Oprah. They know the money will come and they will be OK.

    Most importantly, as people lay dying and they look back on their lives, they don’t say “I wish I had spent more time with my big fancy car, or I wish I had bought a larger flat screen TV”, they say “I wish I had spent more time with my children and take more crazy chances in life, I wish I had told my partner I Love You more often.” Relationships matter. Experiences matter. That’s why you are here.

    So what is the practical take-away for today? Spend time thinink about what is your “Service”, what are you good at, what are you here on Earth to do? Spend time Nurturing the Relationships with the people you love and care about. When you are doing what you are supposed to be doing, you will notice it is Easy, Fun and Rewarding. You will have more of the Success you so desparately Seek. You will get the payoff that makes you feel Good. God Bless.

    Love and Light,

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