So many people have been focusing on figuring out ways to make money for so long they’ve forgotten the whole point of money in the first place.

Here’s the deal:
Eben Pagan, an extremely brilliant and successful business man (whom I study often) said, “Focusing on working to make money is like focusing on driving your car to get gas.  It’s backwards.”

That quote represents the very core of every person who is struggling financially, regardless of the economic times.  Too many people are focusing on working to make money.

Money is simply an exchange of value.

That’s it.

By itself, money is just worthless paper or little metal discs with fancy artistic pictures (or numbers in a computer database).

If value isn’t exchanged, money isn’t exchanged.  This is so fundamental, yet too many people are stuck in their backwards thinking and don’t recognize it.

Now, someone is sure to pipe up at this point and say, “Well, yeah, but when there’s no money how can anyone exchange value?”

My blank stare response is:

If you believe there is no money …that the money factory burned down, or some clever ‘money-bandit’ showed up in the middle of the night and stole all the money and is hiding it deep in some undiscovered cave near a rural town in Southern Arizona… If you choose to believe what you see on CNN and the rest of the fear-based thought police and their headline news reports…

…then, what you argue for you keep, my friend, and you have certainly earned your right to be broke and stand in an unemployment line with nothing to offer but an open palm.

Money does not disappear.  Money moves around and it does not move until AFTER value is exchanged, not before.  Too many people are looking to exchange value after money is exchanged, or believe that money is somehow required to exchange value and, thus, value cannot be exchanged if there is no money.

This is quite sad, actually.  For anyone who knows how to exchange value with others, money will always be available.  Always.  Why?  Because, again, money is simply a means of exchanging the value, money is not the value itself.

Here’s a real-life scenario:
On Monday, February 16, 2009, Frank Kern earned almost $4 Million in 8 hours …and on a holiday, no less.

How did Frank Kern do this?  How was this possible -with “everyone” broke and “nobody has any money?”  Does Frank have magic powers?  Did he discover another secret money factory and not tell anyone?  Maybe he found that ‘money-bandit’ in an Arizona ghost town saloon and slipped a mickey in his Gin to make him talk?  Or maybe Frank has secret ties with some bank executives and swindled a few out of their bail-out money (Frank Kern is quite the wordsmith).

Seriously.  Frank understands how to give away huge value.  In fact, Frank Kern gives away TONS of value …with no strings attached… and so does Eben Pagan, along with many other highly successful people most of the world has never heard of.  They give their value away first without ever receiving a penny.  If these successful business people did not give their value away first, they would not be at their level of success.

The bottom line is: If money is just an exchange of value, and money is not coming to you, and value precedes money, then obviously YOU must figure out a way (or a new or better way) to start exchanging value with others, whether that is in your own business venture, at your job, or at a new job that allows you to exchange more value.

In other words… If you lack money, you’re not giving enough value to others.

A college degree is supposed to help you exchange more value.  Unfortunately, many people believe the value is just in the degree itself.  They don’t understand the degree itself is worthless.

As a quick, final point: Most people and businesses attempt to increase profits by raising prices.  Naturally this lowers the monetary buying power over time.  Years ago, a candy bar was 79¢ (and even less).  Now, they’re about $1.29 for the same candy bar.

Adding value to products and services increases monetary buying power.  I might sell a training course for $100 and give $100 in value.  However, if I also offer a $200 web site at no additional cost, now $100 buys $300 of real product, effectively increasing the monetary buying power.

The only way to solve personal economic issues is by giving more value to others -and as much value as possible.  If you are giving what is genuinely perceived by others as valuable, money will naturally flow to you.  This is the spiritual Law of Reciprocity and is unbreakable.

Focus on genuinely benefiting the lives of others and you will achieve a life of wealth beyond your wildest dreams.


Mike Lewitz is an innovative marketer who truly ‘gets’ the mental and emotional buying process of consumers. He’s shown thousands of global business owners proven, cutting-edge marketing methods that bring abundant results.  Mike is formerly a Google Certified Advertising Professional and holds two Bachelor’s degrees (business & marketing) and an M.B.A. in Management.

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  1. Lynda Alley says:

    ONCE AGAIN…BRILLIANT. I felt like I ready from Jim Rohn’s words here. My favorite saying of his is that minimum wage doesn’t need to be raised, YOU need to raise your value in the marketplace. I told you I teach HS and man have I said that a lot! I enjoyed this article very much. Makes tremendous sense. That’s all for now. I want to read more of your articles…since I didn’t receive my “lesson” from you today 🙁

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