Are you dependent on the “good opinions” of others?

Do you feel bad if someone has a poor opinion of you, or says something negative or hurtful to or about you?

Are you attached to the outcome of your intentions or your expectations?

Will you be disappointed if you fail?

Will you think negative thoughts about yourself?

Will you be (or are you) dependent on whether those thoughts are positive and encouraging or negative and debilitating?


To be successful at anything in your life, you must be emotionally independent of the outcome of your goal.

Have you ever been so emotionally drawn to someone and you were paralyzed by the idea of being rejected by him or her? Ever had someone too emotionally clingy and it pushed you away…fully knowing that if that person became emotionally detached you’d be much more attracted to them?

Consider how these ideas are connected in the same way.

Here’s the Secret to Success:

Focus on the results you want, and pursue them with every drop of your passion and vigor…but be emotionally detached from their outcome. Don’t be afraid to cut your losses at a moment’s notice…still in pursuit of your goal, but considering another path. The path that failed you did so for a good reason.

There’s nothing wrong with letting fear drive you, but let it drive you to achieve…don’t let it paralyze you from achieving.

Don’t allow people to enter into your sphere who don’t speak positive of you. Yes, critical feedback is vital (feedback is the breakfast of champions), and the line between the two can be fine, but negative criticism and critical feedback are distinctly different. Surround yourself with those who genuinely support and respect you for you and YOUR desired outcomes. If that means you must be alone for a while, then so be it. If you surround yourself with people who ‘like’ you but can’t (or won’t) support you in your life objectives, this ensures you will never achieve them.

Each one of us is an infinitely powerful creator. Speak to yourself only in empowering language to remember your Infinite power. Endless studies have proven the mind does not know the difference between fiction and reality…it merely accepts what it is told repeatedly.

Speak to yourself from the space of the reality you wish to create…repeatedly…your mind will eventually accept and believe it, and then create it. This is the Law of Manifestation. It may take some time for your mind to make the shift. Allow this time, but do not alter your course. After all, you may have spent years (decades?) shaping your mind with false, self-defeating thoughts.

There’s no shortcut to success. You’ve got to do the ‘inner work.’

And remember that none of it is about you. Oh, the irony of it all.


Mike Lewitz is an innovative marketer who truly ‘gets’ the mental and emotional buying process of consumers. He’s shown thousands of global business owners proven, cutting-edge marketing methods that bring abundant results.  Mike is formerly a Google Certified Advertising Professional and holds two Bachelor’s degrees (business & marketing) and an M.B.A. in Management.

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