Achieving success in every area of your life all comes down to energy…and consciously managing that energy.

You may have heard that money is simply the flow of energy in and out of your life…and you’ve got to keep your energy flow in proper balance to be sustainable.

You can’t have an excess flowing out with little flowing in. As well, you can’t have an excess flowing in with little flowing out.


Let’s think about calories, for example. A calorie is a unit of energy.

If you intake too many calories but don’t expend a balanced amount, you’ll eventually become fat and unhealthy. Likewise, if you have a calorie deficit your body will eventually lack what it needs to sustain.

Another example is personal relationships.

If you’re in a relationship that gives a lot of excess to you, yet you contribute very little, eventually you will not value it and want to move on. We’ve all been in these situations. Likewise, if you give a lot more into a relationship than you’re getting, eventually you’ll get fed up and move on. There needs to be a balance to sustain.

The same goes for money.

If more money is flowing out of your life than in, you’ll soon be broke. Likewise, if much more money is flowing into your life than out, you will become heavily unbalanced and unhappy. Yes, I’m sure many people reading this wish they had this problem, but that’s only because they’re on the side of not enough flowing in. This is scarcity thinking.  (Have you ever known anyone who was very financially wealthy yet unhappy? I have.)

There is no difference between the examples of money and calories…an unbalanced flow is unsustainable regardless of which side is unbalanced.

Think about this…would you really want to be in a relationship where the person you’re with loves you a TON but you just ‘kinda’ like them? No, of course not. It’s unbalanced energy. I can extend the scarcity notion even further…if a person is very insecure (a form of scarcity) and desires to be loved by someone just so he or she can feel loved, this is not a healthy relationship and it will not last.

So it is the exact same with money.

Money is simply the flow of energy in and out of your life.

Look at your energy flow in each of your life areas…money, relationships, health, etc. The places where you find an imbalance are the places you’ll ultimately discover that it is actually YOU who has put up a block. An energy block. The energy is either blocked from flowing in (which is common for many), or it is blocked from flowing out.

If you’ve got more money going out than coming in, then you’ve simply got a hidden block to receiving. Don’t worry…lots of people in this world do. I suggest you work with a personal coach around receiving…just as you would work with a coach around losing or gaining weight (or achieving better health, etc).

You get more of where you place your focus. Don’t focus on what you don’t have, and don’t focus on ‘getting more.’ Many people make this mistake. The Universe doesn’t work this way.

For example: You could focus on having more …not just so you can ‘get’… but so you can truly create more for others. This is how the Universe works. You are a creator.

We are the faucet through which Divine energy flows.

Focus on having a balanced flow in all areas of your life…in your relationships (of all types), with your body & health, with your finances, everywhere. You will be amazed at how your life quickly transforms and begins to flow much easier.

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Mike Lewitz is an innovative marketer who truly ‘gets’ the mental and emotional buying process of consumers. He’s shown thousands of global business owners proven, cutting-edge marketing methods that bring abundant results.  Mike is formerly a Google Certified Advertising Professional and holds two Bachelor’s degrees (business & marketing) and an M.B.A. in Management.

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