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HELLO and welcome.  This site is here to remove and eliminate scarcity from your life …through proven business practices and elevating your level of thinking by awareness and application of spiritual laws, such as the laws of Attraction, Abundance, Reciprocity, Participation and others.

Like many, I was born into and conditioned by an environment overshadowed by the beliefs of scarcity.  My mother certainly managed to raise two boys by herself, earning a single-digit hourly wage.  Despite her meager income, she always had just enough to keep us fed, clothed, a stable roof over our heads and the bills always got paid…while constantly declaring there was not enough. She constantly lectured us to place every possible penny into a traditional bank savings account, that it was “the only way to get ahead in life.” Save, save, save.

Her greatest aspiration was for me to some day earn a college degree so I would be fortunate enough to some day get a “good job.”

Severely disabled by MS, she was able to live as long as she did only because of a paid live-in caretaker, surviving off disability and Social Security until her disease ultimately claimed her life long before her time in 2013.  Sadly, she never lived her life the way she wanted because she always believed there wasn’t enough time or money.


Scarcity.  Scarcity.  Scarcity.

When I finally told my mother I received two Bachelor’s degrees, she reveled about what a “great job” I could now get.  Despite my efforts, she never understood that not only would almost any corporate job be a significant pay cut from being on my own helping others, it would also limit my ability to bring value to a world so desperately in need.

What a wonderful teacher my mother was… a living example of what will happen when we do not eliminate scarcity from our thoughts and our belief systems.


Scarcity is a myth created only by the human mind -it is not real.  Scarcity does not exist anywhere else in the Universe.  Scarcity thoughts are thieves who steal our dreams, our abilities, our resources, our happiness.

When we eliminate scarcity from our thoughts, we suddenly realize we have abilities we forgot about, resources we didn’t know exist, dreams we can achieve, and happiness we never knew.


I have studied many highly successful business people.  In these studies I discovered there are several common threads among all of them.  In short, all highly successful people simply think differently from those who are not successful…

  • They understand and implement the Law of Abundance into their thoughts and life
  • They seek out and eliminate thoughts of scarcity at every step
  • They know how to communicate their message to large numbers of people
  • They genuinely strive for the better good of others
  • The more they give to and provide for others, the more success they achieve


As a lifelong student of business, I continue to study the laws of Abundance, Attraction, Reciprocity, Increasing Returns and Manifestation.  I believe in practicing integrity with everything I do and everyone whom I connect, as I now understand integrity is much more important than like-ability.


Absolute, unlimited abundance exists everywhere in our Universe. The only thing holding you back from having it …is you.

Change the way you think.  You will evolve into somebody you’ve always wanted to be.


“Life is an exciting business, and most exciting when it is lived for others.” -Helen Keller


Mike Lewitz
Phoenix, AZ  USA
“We must be the change we wish to see in the world.”  ~Mohandas Gandhi


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